My Birth Box Deluxe

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The perfect box from a baby shower group, combining the useful and yummy.  We’re sure she deserves it.

  • Shea Mooti Mama’s Everything Balm 50ml
  • RHS English Lavender candle
  • Chocolate Library bump bar
  • Emma-Jane Nursing bra
  • Lansinoh HPA nipple cream
  • Deluxe TempleSpa toiletries
  • Large Black briefs *3
  • Helios Arnica
  • All Talk lip balm
  • Lansinoh breast pads *24
  • Cards to explain these products and offer some useful birthing tips

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Why these products?

All Talk lip balm – rated as one of the top essentials and a lovely addition for her delivery bag and beyond.

Chocolate Library Bump bar
A fun and thoughtful present filled with delicious Belgium chocolate from the Quirky Chocolate Library. It tastes even better than it looks!

Deluxe TempleSpa toiletries – luxury products + post-birth shower = a very grateful new mum and we just love this brand. If it’s good enough for Harrods…

Emma-Jane nursing bra – This award winning nursing bra has proven a birthbox favourite from the feedback we receive.  It’s stretchy for B-F, black for discretion and apparently a godsend.…

Helios arnica – a popular herbal remedy to help with internal and external healing or bruising.  Anything to give mum a bit of help.

Lansinoh breast pads – we’ve shopped around, researched and tested and these are considered the best disposable ones on the market.

Lansinoh nipple cream – SO important and this is THE one everyone talks about.  Soothes sore or cracked nipples, it lasts ages and is safe for baby to ingest, phew.

Large Black briefs *3 – large and comfy to make her feel secure and black for discretion. Trust us, she’ll thank you for them!

RHS English Lavender candle
Lavender is a known calming herb so we’ve included this relaxing RHS Lavender candle for her to enjoy during the early stages of labour at home.

Shea Mooti Mama’s Everything Balm We LOVE this balm. It’s amazing during and after pregnancy on all the stretchy bits; breast, belly, bottom and thighs! And it’s so rich, a little goes a long way.

What's in my box

Shea Mooti Mama’s Everything Balm

Why We Chose It
Your body is being stretched this way and that, then after birth it’s expected to retract back to before, which all sounds like a lot of work. So we’ve chosen this wonderful Shea Mooti body butter to help give it some tlc. You can apply it to all your stretchy bits; breast, belly, bottom and thighs!

Product Description:


Shea Mooti balm contains a blend of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Baobab and Vitamin E Oil.  Drench yourself in this rich, versatile Omega body butter, specially formulated with mamas in mind. Made with ethically sourced, virgin Shea butter and infused with cocoa butter and nourishing Omega rich baobab and jojoba oils. Fragranced with soothing lavender oil and skin rejuvenating mandarin oil, this scrumptious blend helps to moisturise and soften dry itchy skin and improve elasticity. It also reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue leaving skin feeling super-velvety and evenly toned.

To use:
Massage a small amount on dry skin in circular movement. This is a very rich butter use sparingly. Avoid the nipple area if breastfeeding.

Ingredients:Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Cera alba, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter), Adansonia digitata Seed Oil, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Cinnamomum camphora (Ho Wood) Bark Oil, Citrus nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Tocopherol, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol

Organically produced ingredients Sheamooti products are NOT tested on animals This product is suitable for Vegetarians

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RHS English Lavender Candle Tin

Why We Chose It
Many births begin at home for the early stages and you’re encouraged to keep yourself relaxed.  As lavender is a popular calming herb, we’ve included this gorgeous Wax Lyrical candle for you to light at home when the labour begins.

You won’t be allowed candles in hospital or the birthing centre, but you can enjoy it in your own environment while the labour progresses.  It’s in a handy tin, so you can easily move it around with you if you move to the bath or decide to switch rooms.

Burn time approx: 25 hours. Size approx: 8cm x 5.6cm.

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Chocolate Library Bump Bar

Why We Chose It
We confess the main reason for finding this in your box is to give you a well-deserved little treat.  However if you can hang onto it long enough, it will give you a lovely serotonin boost in the days after birth.

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<strong>Product Description:</strong>

Bar weight:100g; dimensions: 8.5cm x 16.5cm; chocolate manufactured in Belgium.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanillin. Cocoa solids 70% minimum.

Produced in a facility that may contain nut traces. Suitable for vegetarians.


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Multi Cup Size Nursing Bra

Why We Chose It
4 out of 5 women in the UK start breastfeeding. If you plan to try breastfeeding, it is likely your breasts will engorge in the first 2-3 days from birth. You’re unlikely to know what cup size your breasts will grow to and as you try to establish feeding, the size will continue to change.

So rather than guessing your nursing bra size before you know what you will need, mybirthbox includes the multi award winning Emma-Jane maternity and nursing bra. It is a comfortable, seam free maternity/nursing bra which adjusts to changing body sizes. You just need to choose your chest size when you add mybirthbox to your basket.

We have chosen it in black because we listened to our new mums and although you won’t feel at your most glamorous in these immediate post birth days, the black will help to hide the leaks and patches and be a little extra comfort to you.

Product Description
Size: UK 32-38 One cup only. Fits B-F cups
Colour: Black
Fibre Content: 90% Polyamide 10% Elastane

  • This maternity/nursing bra is seam free, giving an extra soft comfortable fit.
  • For improved support, the shoulder straps have restricted stretch.
  • The soft knitted under band adds to the comfort of this bra.
  • The perfect bra for the expectant mother. This bra will continue to support as breasts grow in size.
  • The ideal bra for the first few months of breast feeding when breasts frequently change size.
  • Each cup has a clip that allows for quick and easy access for breastfeeding.
  • Each cup opens individually for feeding – when one cup is open the other continues to support.
  • Four back eyes allow full adjustment for changes in body size both during pregnancy and when nursing.


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Lansinoh nipple cream

Why We Chose It
This is it. These 3 words are that sacred gem that new mums pass onto their expectant friends. Lansinoh’s HPA® Lanolin has been developed for breastfeeding mothers to soothe and protect sore and cracked nipples.

Sore nipples are very common during breastfeeding and can often be a result of the uncomfortable positioning of your baby at the breast. Whilst it is vital to address the cause of this, Lansinoh’s HPA Lanolin is proven to help soothe and protect sore cracked nipples. It’s all natural and safe for your baby to ingest and we suggest you use the cream with breast pads to stop patches forming on your top.

There are some things money can’t buy, but fortunately for your unfortunate nipples in those early weeks, there is Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin. We can’t recommend this highly enough. If you don’t believe us, ask any new mum, read anything online, you want this in your birth box.

Product Description:
HPA® Lanolin, 40ml tubeLansinoh HPA Lanolin is composed of an ultra-purified grade of lanolin which has been refined using a unique process, making it the safest and purest product of its kind. 100 per cent natural without any preservatives or additives, it is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also the only lanolin product to have received the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.
To use:
Soften a pea-sized amount between fingers and apply to the entire nipple area after feeding or other problem area(s) as needed. Re-apply as often as necessary.

Product Features:

  • BPA and BPS free
  • #1 bestselling nipple cream in the UK for breastfeeding mothers
  • Helps soothe and protect sore, dry and cracked nipples
  • 100% natural
  • World’s purest lanolin nipple cream
  • No additives, preservatives or chemicals
  • Safe and hypoallergenic
  • No need to remove before breastfeeding
  • Paraben free
  • No taste, colour or smell – the most acceptable nipple cream for your breastfed baby
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High waist black briefs x3

Why We Chose It
Many women in their 3rd trimester ask about disposable briefs, the paper kind.  However there is unanimous agreement across our new mums and we feel very strongly about this one – you don’t want those, you want BIG, BLACK BRIEFS.

Whatever type of birth you have, there is unlikely to be a time in your life when you are happier to wear some large comfy pants to cover you up to your belly button (especially C-sections) and make you feel fitted and secure.  It’s also highly likely that you’ll seek comfort in and continue to wear them for the next few weeks, long after those disposable ones were binned.

Them being black is also very important.

So just pick your size when you add mybirthbox to your basket.

Product Description:
Size: Small (8-10), Medium (12-14), Large (16-18), X Large (20+)
Colour: Black
Fibre Content: 100% Cotton

  • Ladies 100% cotton plain black full maxi briefs * 3 pairs.
  • Manufactured using a pure 100% cotton fabric for extra softness and a natural feel.
  • A double 100% cotton gusset for added comfort and the waist band and legs are finished off with a soft elasticated lace trim.
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Lansinoh breast pads x 24

Why We Chose It
For those who are trying to establish breastfeeding immediately after the birth, your nipples will start to leak within a day or two and as you’d imagine, the more you feed, the more they leak. We know what you’re thinking, the glamour never ends.

There are a wide range of breast pads on the market, but the general consensus across our new mums was that Lansinoh breast pads are the best. They’re soft, secure, absorbent and generally “performed” a little better than others. Reassuringly this seems to be the consensus across contributors, and

Only the best for your birth box.

Product Description:
Pack of 24 Disposable Nursing PadsLansinoh’s Disposable Nursing Pads are designed to be ultra-thin but also super-absorbent.The soft, stay-dry lining draws breast milk away from the skin and into the core of the pad where it is absorbed by a special honeycomb polymer to prevent leakage, while the breathable waterproof outer layer keeps your clothes dry.Two non-slip adhesive tapes keep the pad in place, and the contour creates a natural fit that will not show under clothing. What is more, this is the only polymer-style breast pad that keeps its shape when wet.Each pad comes individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene.

Product Features:

  • BPA and BPS free
  • Discreet, naturally contoured shape
  • Individually wrapped and disposable for hygiene
  • Fits all breast sizes
  • One-way moisture technology ensures that you stay dry day or night
  • 2 non-slip adhesive tapes keep each pad in place
  • Breathable waterproof outer layer keeps your clothing dry
  • Soft and breathable inner layer for maximum comfort
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Deluxe TempleSpa toiletries

Why We Chose It

Whether your first post-birth shower is at the hospital, home or birthing centre, it’s one you’ll probably remember.  So we’ve chosen these gorgeous TempleSpa toiletries (that actually smell like a spa) to help make that shower as luxurious as possible for you.

They’re also in handy little travel sizes so you can pop them in your washbag without taking up too much space in your probably very full delivery bag.

30ml Good Hair Day Shampoo:
This hair shampoo does more than just clean. Containing ingredients to condition the hair, to help resist split ends and damage, a ‘good hair day’ is exactly what you will have. Your hair will have added volume and be shiny, healthy and full of life. Your hair never felt so good.

Ingredients: Thyme, Bitter Orange, Basil, Peppermint, Guaiac, Coriander, Nutmeg

  • Conditions & cleanses at the same time
  • Prevents split ends and controls damage
  • Thickens and adds volume
  • Leaves hair soft & shiny
  • Mediterranean plant extracts make it smell delicious
30ml In Good Condition Conditioner:
This conditioner reduces tangling, which eliminates the damage caused by combing out knots. Your hair will look and feel like a million dollars and if your hair does… you do too!

Ingredients: Vitamin B, Jojoba, Lavender, Eucalyptus oil, Geranium, Grapefruit, Grapeseed oil, Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Palmarosa

  • Softens, shines, hydrates and thickens
  • Nurses split ends and styling damage
  • Reduces ‘fly aways’
  • Peppermint, grapefruit and palmarosa refreshes the scalp
30ml Peace be still Calming Balm:
TWith natural plant extracts, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils, this delicious formula will sink into the skin immediately and leave the skin ultra-smooth and settled.

Ingredients: Vitamin B, Lemon, Coriander, Nutmeg Lignum Vitae/Guaiacum

  • Aromatherapy and skincare in one
  • Gentle enough to use on hands and face
  • Leaves skin soft and beautifully fragrant
  • Detoxifies, purifies and cools
30ml La La Lagoon Shower Gel:
Let your imagination send you to exotic places as you apply this aromatic gel to your shower and bath. Formulated to cleanse, soften and soothe your skin whilst leaving it beautifully fragrant.

Ingredients: Thyme, Bitter Orange, Basil, Peppermint, Guaiac, Coriander, Nutmeg

  • Gently cleanses, softens and soothes
  • Aromatic, unisex fragrance
  • Rich in botanicals
  • Antiseptic, purifying, cooling and conditioning
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Lavender oil

Why We Chose It
Lavender oil is another one of those sacred gems passed on to expectant friends and is actually useful before, during and after the birth.

It’s a wonderful natural therapy that is known to help calm you and we suggest putting a few drops in your bath or burning over a candle to create a calming atmosphere during the early stages of labour if you’re allowed, or if you’re planning a home birth. Massaging with well diluted lavender oil during labour has also been known to strengthen contractions.

If you’re one of the 1 in 4 British women whose labour concludes with a C-section, lavender oil can also be massaged into the scar when you are comfortable to do so and help break down the scar tissue.

Product Description
100% Lavender oil extract.
Always tell your midwife if you are using essential oils at home or during labour.
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Arnica 30c Pillules

Why We Chose It
Yet another “wise gem” passed on from friends is Arnica; the homeopathic medicinal product used for the symptomatic relief of sprain, muscular aches and bruising or swelling after contusions. It is recommended for during and after labour to reduce the fatigue and bruising from giving birth, to control bleeding, and minimize the strain on soft tissues.

We believe anything that gives your body a little extra help to heal can’t be bad.

Directions for use:
The British Homeopathic society recommend 1 dose is take at the start of labour and another during, or just before delivery. Then 1 dose 3 times a day for the next 3 days following the birth.Press base twice to release two pillules into cap. Unscrew cap and without touching pillules tip them into mouth. Pillules to be sucked or chewed.
Each pillule contains 30c Arnica Montana. Also contains lactose and sucrose.
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All Talk lip balm

Why We Chose It
During birth it’s important to stay hydrated, which includes preventing your lips from drying out.  Lip balm was one of our top scoring delivery bag must-haves from mums, so we’ve found a yummy rich one from TempleSpa that lasts for ages and smells delicious.

The handy little tube can also go in your nappy bag for the weeks that follow.

Product Description:
4mlThis super rich lip balm is packed full of natural plant extracts, vitamins and botanicals, will leave your lips sensationally soft and nourished. With a delicious sun-kissed, Mediterranean fruit flavour, you can kiss goodbye to dryness.Ingredients: Lemon, Lime oil, Thyme, Clary sage, Soya, Vitamin E, Bitter Orange, Green Tea, Lanolin, cardomom, galbanum, nutmeg

  • Naturally softens and conditions lips
  • No petrochemicals
  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory and reduces irritation
  • Natural formula
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