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An enduring memory from my 3rd trimester was having our upcoming birth in the back of my head and all the questions and decisions related to it.  Things like “what bra will I need?”, “do I have to use those horrid paper pants!?”, “what’s arnica?!”. Not to mention I was busy at work and HUGE by then so the idea of traipsing around shops or missing countless online deliveries was enough.  What I actually wanted was someone to tell me what I needed, explain why I needed it and ideally choose the good ones for me.  At this point I realised I probably wasn’t the only tired, overwhelmed pregnant woman thinking this.  So after the arrival of my son, research commenced, mums-to-be tested products to find the best, we started collaborating with the midwives at UKBC and myBirthBox began.

The main aim for My Birth Box has always been to make it a one-stop shop for birth, which to me means 2 things:

1) Each pregnant woman who receives a birthbox feels happier and more “birth ready” now she has it.

2) We build a great “getting birth ready” centre, combining as many topic experts and information sources to help her be as prepared as she wants to be.

I won’t pretend I’m a birthing expert, but I do want to centralise the knowledge of those who are, so we collaborate with the lovely midwifes at UK Birthing Centre and are expanding with other experts to include hypnobirthing, active birthing and many more topics.  I genuinely hope this is all helpful to as many pregnant women as possible.

My Birth Box started as one box (the original) which came about after much research and discussion with mums and midwifes. I really believe this contains her essentials for birth and is the one I recommend for mums-to-be buying it for themselves.

Since then, My Birth Box has been so popular as a gift, we’ve decided to offer a few different options to meet everyone’s needs; the Dads-to-be who feel a little helpless and want to support their partners, the friends who want to pop a few treats in there as well and the work colleagues who love the idea, but don’t quite know Kate from HR well enough to buy her maternity pads.  Hopefully there is a box for every budget as well.

We’re also excited to now offer “build your own birthbox”, which we’ll continue to add products to (I’m determined to get birthing pools in there at some point).  Having realised that some customers have a specific idea of what they want in her box; maybe she won’t be breastfeeding, or maybe she deserves a chocolate bar amongst all those essentials, we hope we now offer a box for everyone.

The “we” I keep referring to is everyone who is helping to grow our one-stop birthing shop; all our talented friends, family, colleagues, partners and most importantly Mr Birthbox, who has most of the good ideas and Master Birthbox, who is always ready to help build the boxes.

My Birth Box

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