Getting birth ready

How each of us go about preparing for our delivery day depends on the type of person we are and what we are most comfortable with.  And we believe that is the key to it; to take whatever approach suits you best.   There really is no right or wrong and it is completely with you, your body and baby to decide what is best to ensure their safe arrival into the world.

Naturally the myBirthBox mums also had different approaches to preparing for our births. However we did agree having a central starting place to point us to all the different possibilities is helpful. So “getting birth ready” at myBirthBox is all about just that.    We’re collaborating with the midwives at UK Birth Centre alongside others to bring you all the useful tools, tips and resources to prepare for your birth, however you choose to do so.

We hope you find this useful and if you have any feedback to help grow our knowledge bank, we’d love to hear from you!

Birthing positions:


From Royal College of Midwives

Breathing techniques for labour:

From NHS Choices

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